the standard chainsaw is generally powered through fuel or a long cord that is in hazard of being severed at the side of the material you are attempting to cut. What if you may run a compact, effective cutting device and not ought to fear about strolling out of gasoline or reducing your strength wire.

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The Makita UC120DWD has taken all this into consideration and provided to you the sector’s first cordless chain saw. What you’ll locate is that each one those jobs where you wish you had the electricity of a sequence saw, but the inconvenience of firing up a gas powered system or carting around a electricity wire become conserving you back, at the moment are easily carried out with a cordless, battery charged chain saw.Best Electric Chainsaw

Exception functions of This transportable Chain saw

The Makita UC120DWD cordless chain saw package is a boon to anybody who’s doing any yard paintings, has an indoor fireplace or out of doors fireplace pit, or maybe an outdoor smoker. The cordless chain saw is the device of preference for cutting firewood, trimming and pruning trees or branches on bushes, all of the way as much as reducing out small bushes out of your backyard. The effective 12-volt Ni-MH battery can manage the jobs you may throw at it, reducing up to ninety three pieces of one ¾ inch hard wooden on a complete rate. it will additionally allow you greater portability than a gasoline or electrically powered cutter. The light, 4.eight-pound unit can cross everywhere you want to take it, without having to worry approximately finding a energy outlet, and can be utilized in city regions in which there may be noise regulations in location.


All slicing tools will present some protection troubles, and the vigilant parents at Makita have built the Makita UC120DWD with person protection in mind. they have included an electric powered brake into the unit to right away halt the motion of the chain. this is an essential characteristic to ensure the protection of the user. also, they’ve outfitted it with a safe lock-off transfer to save you unintended start up. they have also protected a manual in order to can help you trim branches from underneath, with out the balk this will from time to time cause.


you may get hold of your Makita UC120DWD chain saw package complete with its 12-volt, Ni-MH battery and charger. The chain included with the package is a 25 AP, which has a sequence pitch of ¼ inch. This reaches a series pace of 520 FPM, and offers you a cutting capability of four ½ inches. covered in the package are also a manual bar, manual bar cowl, a hex wrench, report, and battery cowl, conveniently packed into a plastic device case for ease of transport and manageability. The portability of its compact, 18 ½ inch length and light 4.8 pound weight (with battery!) will make certain no longer only that it’s miles convenient to hold to the work web site (despite the fact that that is simply your backyard), however that it is compact, mild, and clean to maneuver whilst in use.

A cordless chain saw like, the Makita UC120DWD is a must-have for each owner of a house or contractor.